Prayer Services at SsAM

Every weekday at 8am, 5pm, and 8pm. Also on Saturdays at 10:30am. Prayer Services at SsAM are via Video. Click here to see our Facebook Live page. You can watch  these services as they are … [Read More...]

Welcome To SsAM. You are invited!

SsAM, the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew & Matthew in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, welcomes you. Come to God’s Table! Come, you have much faith, and you who have little, or are questioning … [Read More...]

SsAM Presents: Upcoming Events

Slavery By Another Name, Saturday, March 25, 10am via Zoom Recently, seventeen individuals viewed the PBS video "Driving While Black". Some viewers were shocked that driving in America could be so … [Read More...]

Why I Walk

First Friday Walks for Justice in Wilmington, Delaware. A reflection by Mary Lou Edgar for March 21, 2023.  Shortly after I joined SsAM, I learned about the walks on the first Friday of every … [Read More...]

Vestry Nominees Wanted

A call to Christian Service - Nominees wanted to serve on SsAM’s Vestry by April 10, 2023. When Jesus called his disciples, he did not ask for their credentials, he called ordinary people to do … [Read More...]