Canon Lloyd Casson

cassonByDevere200pxThe Rev. Canon Lloyd S. Casson is Rector Emeritus of Saints Andrew and Matthew, having served as its first rector. He was honored by the community and his parish when he officially retired on June 3, 2007, after 43 years of ministry in the Episcopal Church.

A native Delawarean, Canon Casson served for ten years as the rector of the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew, a unique parish formed out of the union of two historic Episcopal churches in Wilmington, one with a predominantly white membership and the other predominantly black. As the chief pastor, Canon Casson provided spiritual and administrative leadership to this new congregation, which continues to be an instrument of reconciliation and diversity.

Canon Casson has also been involved in community affairs and world issues. He works with Pacem in Terris and Stand Up for What’s Right and Just (SURJ) in the Wilmington area on issues of peace and justice, and criminal justice reform. He is a board member of the Brandywine Pastoral Institute. In 2011, he became president of the school board of Reach Academy for Girls, a charter school in Delaware.

216976_5423738189_597598189_149019_6521_nCanon Casson has been and continues to be active in the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware, the Episcopal Church of the United States, and in national and international affairs. In his work, Canon Casson traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, India, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Most recently, he participated in an international conference on global poverty and HIV/AIDS in Blocksburg, South Africa, involving 400 representatives from churches of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Canon Casson began his long pastoral career as the Associate Rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and as the Rector of St. Matthew’s Church, both in Wilmington. Also during this period in the late 1960s and early 1970s, his community activities included serving as president of the Wilmington Board of Education.

He has also served at several parishes in New York City, as Canon Missioner at the Washington National Cathedral, and as the Social Justice Officer for the Episcopal Church Center in New York.