Children’s Ministries

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SsAM Kids on Sundays
10:35 a.m.  – September – May
“Godly Play” (Pre-2nd grade)
“Really Cool Sunday School” (grades 3-6)

Two children in Godly Play. Photo by Anne Gibson.

The new focus of our Sunday morning program for children is our REALLY COOL SUNDAY SCHOOL which strives to stimulate the creativity and imagination of our children through exciting activities like drumming, singing, skits, and spoken word, while introducing them to the vision and key values of the SsAM community such as Spirituality, Prayer, Inclusiveness, Intentional Diversity, Creativity, Social Justice and Service to Others.

For our younger children, we use the GODLY PLAY curriculum. Godly Play is based upon the recognition that children have an innate sense of the presence of God. All they lack is the appropriate language to help them identify and express it so it can be explored and strengthened.  The Godly Play approach teaches classical Christian language in a way that enhances the child’s authentic experience of God so it can contribute to the creative life of the child and the world. AT RIGHT: children dramatize a Godly Play story with wooden figures. Photo by Anne Gibson.

Read this document “What is Godly Play” by the Godly Play Foundation

“Youth and Young Families” (Jr. & Sr. High)

YOUTH AND YOUNG FAMILIES is a program for older youth that meets after church to focus on issues that are important to youth, while helping them develop into spiritual, compassionate, socially conscious and loving young adults.


All children are invited to begin the morning in worship in the sanctuary with their parents.  After the opening of the service and before the scripture readings, the children will be led from the sanctuary to their respective Sunday activities.

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ACOLYTE Ministry for Youth

A great way for young folks in grades 3 and above to learn about worship is to participate as an Acolyte.  Being an acolyte is not only a great way to serve the parish, but develops a sense of leadership and responsibi

lity that will stay with the children throughout their lives.  Acolytes may serve as crucifers, torch bearers and assist with the administering of the Holy Eucharist.  CLICK HERE to visit the Liturgical Ministries page.


Child Care, September-May, two years old and younger

Childcare is provided beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays (except for summers) so you can participate in Adult Education Activities. We also provide a safe place for children and grandchildren of the choir during rehearsal time.

Child Care in Summer, six years old and younger

For the summer months, when Sunday School is not offered, we provide childcare for children five and under. We start each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and continue until the end of the service. If you would like your child to join you for communion, please let us know when you arrive.

“We are called to proclaim the Gospel to children, in ways that empower them to receive and respond to God’s love”
—Children’s Charter of the Episcopal Church

Become a Sunday School Teacher!

Teaching Sunday School once a month is an honorable way to give back to God in a way that blesses you as the giver. Preparation time is minimal. Materials are provided in advance so you can read and prepare at your leisure.

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Be of One Mind, Live in Peace.
And the God of Love and Peace Will Be With You.