Stewardship & Finances

In the weekly e-blast of September 13, 2013, Fr. David said:

“I have heard it stated in more than one context that budgets are moral documents.  What does that mean and how might we see the parish budget as a moral document?  For me, budgets are more than numbers; budgets are more than surplus and deficits; budgets allow parishes to review their priorities and be able to review those priorities on an annual basis.  Budgets are also about people.  Parishioners come every week expecting to be transformed by music and sermon and to be fed by bread and wine.  All of these actions hopefully lead to everyone being nourished to go forth to live as disciples of Jesus.  The parish values good music and liturgy as well as outreach to the community.  These items are not cheap and we devote a great deal of our resources to both.  Thanks to the generous support of many of you, we are slowly reducing the size of the annual deficit. The vestry and finance committee are striving to achieve a balanced budget by 2015.  How do we accomplish this along with making sure the priorities that are agreed upon by the vestry are fully funded?  That is where everyone at SsAM plays a part to insure that the vitality of the parish is sustainable for many years to come.”

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