Vestry Recap, 21 Feb. 2018

“Behold, I make all things new” Revelation 21:5.

This was the tag line for the 233rd Diocesan Convention held on January 26-27, 2018. As the clerk of the vestry, I am using it to introduce a new (perhaps a resurrected) practice of informing the congregation of what is happening with the vestry and what decisions were made at the meetings. My name is Mary Morgan and I hope the information I relay is helpful, gives you insight to the matters at hand, but more importantly, answers questions.

Meeting date: February 21, 2018

Cynthia Martin introduced us to Stuart Comstock Gay and Joan Hoge-North, representatives from Delaware Community Foundation. They gave a brief presentation on how their company works with endowments for the State and City. Endowments are meant to last forever, by not ever using the principle but to use the interest as needed. SsAM is always looking for ways to invest wisely to keep the financial end of SsAM healthy.

February’s meeting was informational. Steve Jones, Jr. Warden, met with the members of the Music Committee on March 9th. Music is an important element in SsAM’s worship and the community so the committee brainstormed on ways to help fund the music program without using up the budget, which was cut for 2018. There are many Arts/Music grants available and will be looked into.

The new Church Safety Task Force is headed by Linda Whitehead with members Carol Scott, Steve Jones, and Pat Saunders. Mass shootings are no longer a rare occurrence and the focus of the group is to find out how safe SsAM is, what is needed to improve security. A walk through with a DE State Trooper is to be scheduled and the results will be available by the Annual Meeting in May. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please talk with Linda Whitehead.

Have you ever felt that the heating and air conditioning systems are inadequate? Well, you are not alone. The property committee has been working on solving the problems we face from old systems, old AC units etc. Dave Clouser, Sr. Warden, gave an update regarding a 5 year plan to upgrade the Air Conditioning and Heating Systems throughout the building at a cost of approximately $160,000. Areas to be upgraded in terms of priority are: The main office suite, ($39K); the 2nd floor education suite, offices, and Demby,($70K); and Crypt Hall ($50K). Each section can be done and paid for before going to the next section.

Kudos were given to the YYF for the best Shrove Tuesday Supper event. Nana Soto gave credit to all the volunteers who gave their time and energy and expertise to make the event so great.

Important date reminders:

March 11: Fr. David’s send off during the coffee hour
March 14: Next vestry meeting (all meetings are open).
March 18: Bishop’s Visit to both the 8:00am and 10:30am services. A meet and greet will happen with a Q & A in between services and he will also stay for coffee after the 10:30.
March 21: The SsAM community has been invited to share a Seder Meal with the Congregation of Beth Emeth. Please sign up with D-L.

Until next month, Peace,
Mary Morgan