Undee Sunday Hits New Record in 2013

undyUndee Sunday, Every November

When the winter and cold temperatures approach, our homeless friends need long underwear. In response, the Community Advocacy Committee has UNDEE SUNDAY every November. Along with your pledge of talents and dollars during the stewardship season, please think of giving this small token of love to our needy friends. Please bring at least one set of long johns and deposit them in the box provided in the narthex of the church in order to fill this need for Friendship House. In case you cannot find long underwear, please make a monetary donation.

The Community Advocacy Committee thanks all of you who helped make UNDEE SUNDAY a RECORD SETTING SUCCESS in 2013. Thirty-five complete sets of thermal underwear were donated (in addition to a sweatsuit and three pairs of thermal socks) but, with your generous cash contributions, we were able to purchase an additional 144 pair of thermal underwear for our needy friends! This large volume was obtained because of the substantial discount we received due to the large purchase numbers. This sets a new record for us!

We were able to give all 13 of our friends that reside in Andrew’s Place a nice set of thermal underwear sized to fit their needs. The remaining 166 sets were donated to the Friendship House Clothing Bank to be distributed to those in need.

Here is a record of our donations over the past 9 years.

2005 49 sets
2006 76 sets
2007 62 sets
2008 73 sets
2009 91 sets
2010 100 sets
2011 82 sets
2012 110 sets
2013 179 sets!!!!!

We thank you for your participation in this worthy cause. And a special thanks to Phil and Susan Murphree for organizing this ministry.