The Season of Creation at SsAM begins October 14th

Season of Creation 2018 at a glance

Let us join the people of the Episcopal Province of New England in a commitment:

To act together to honor the goodness and sacredness of God’s creation;

To acknowledge the urgency of the planetary crisis in which we now find ourselves;

To pray and take action to restore a right relationship between humankind and creation;

To lift up prayers in person and public worship for environmental justice, human rights, and sustainable development;

To repent of greed and waste, and to seek simplicity of life;

To commit ourselves to energy conservation and the use of clean, renewable sources of energy; 

To reduce, reuse, and recycle, and as far as possible to buy products from recycled materials;

To realize that, through participation in community public policy, and business decision-making, we have corporate as well as individual opportunities to practice environmental stewardship and justice;

To seek to understand and uproot the political, social and economic causes of environmental abuse.

(Thank you to the Episcopal Bishops of New England)