SsAM Sermons 2013

Sermon, Christmas Eve, 12/24/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Christmas can be a time of joy and sorrow, but always a time for celebration.

Sermon, Fourth Sunday of Advent: 12/22/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Like Joseph, let us listen for God’s word, hear its meaning, and act faithfully.

Sermon, Third Sunday of Advent: 12/15/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Is Jesus the one or is there another we should wait for. We at SsAM no longer wait; our challenge is to follow.

12/8/2013 sermon by the Rev. Peter Huiner. Did you celebrate National Believe Day? Macy’s Department Store did.

Sermon, First Sunday of Advent: 12/1/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. The Season of Advent is a time to look forward in hope, a time to hope, to yearn, and to dream. It is a time to turn away, if only briefly, from the things that are and to turn instead to the things that might be. It is a time of new expectations, anticipation, and longing.


cassonByDevere80px 11/24/2013 Season of Creation Sermon: “Christ the King Sunday” by our Rector Emeritus, the Rev. Canon Lloyd S. Casson. Through Christ, God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things on earth and in heaven by making peace through the blood of His cross.

SenatorChrisCoons_SsAM2013_80px11/17/2013 Season of Creation Sermon: “World Peace Sunday” by U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware. Peace is the presence of justice. How do we achieve this? By reconciliation.

Season of Creation Stewardship Sermon: 11/10/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. “Now He is God not of the dead, but of the living…” [Luke 20:38]

revStephanieJohnson80x113px11/3/2013 Season of Creation Sermon — “Celebration of All Saints” by the Rev. Stephanie Johnson, Environmental Missioner, Province I, Episcopal Diocese of New England. Pray it forward. Pray for reconciliation with the generations to come.

NellBraxtonGibson80x11710/27/2013 Season of Creation Sermon — “The Human Family” by the Rev. Dr. Nell Braxton Gibson, Chair of the New York Diocesan Committee on Reparations for Slavery. We have made our world the way it is. Us, not them. With God’s grace, let’s make it better.

revKimberlyJackson80px10/20/2013 Season of Creation Sermon: “Mother Earth” by the Rev. Kimberly Jackson, Chaplain for Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, Morris Brown College, and Spelman College, Atlanta, GA. Join with those seeking to make a new earth. Advocate for fresh produce. Work for environmental justice.

johnSykesDIPL10/13/2013 Season of Creation Sermon: “What A Wonderful World” by John Sykes, President, Delaware Interfaith Power and Light. “Using accounting terms, we are spending our capital; the farmers might say that we are eating our seed corn. In other words, we are living beyond our means.”


Lane80px10/6/2013 sermon by the Rev. Dean William Lane. Psalm 137 praises vengeance and the slaughter of enemy children. The Bible, especially the Old Testament, has many verses that praise violence, yet we praise peace.

Saints Andrew & Matthew Feast Day Sermon: 9/29/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. No one says to themselves, “Today I will ignore the sufferings of the world.”

Invite-A-Friend Sunday Sermon: 9/22/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. A parable is a grassroots lesson connecting the ordinariness of life with the extraordinary nature of God.

Sea Sunday Sermon: 9/15/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. When we appreciate nature, we not only appreciate its beauty but its terrifying power, which serves to keep us humble, trusting in God.

9/8/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Three-legged stools are not level unless the legs are the same length. The first one built by the speaker leaned to one side. He did not take it home to show his parents.

9/1/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. We struggle, but in hope, that one day all will be gathered at one table in peace, grace, and understanding.

8/18/2013 by visiting preacher Rev. Deirdre Whitfield. Predictions conflict, people disagree, but God’s glory persists.

8/11/2013 by visiting preacher Rev. Deirdre Whitfield. “Faith Is Freedom” — As long as we are willing to pay for hope, the world is ready to take our money. Click here to learn more about the Rev. Deirdre Whitfield.

8/4/2013 sermon by the Rev. Dean William Lane. Unfaithfulness is disasterous, yet God keeps hoping for our redemption. Shall we then give up hope for ourselves, our family, our nation, or our church?

7/28/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. In Luke 11:1-13, Jesus tells a story about hospitality and persistence. We hope to be both.

7/21/2013 sermon by the Rev. Dean William Lane. Our nation still struggles with the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, what it allows us to do, and what we should do.

7/14/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. All the law and the prophets tell us to love God and to do something very similar: to love our neighbor. But who is our neighbor?

7/7/2013 sermon by the Rev. Peter Huiner. Pride of country can be problematic for Christians, especially if our primary allegiance to God conflicts with our strong love of country.

6/30/2013 sermon by the Rev. Dean William Lane. Thank God for those who are not silent when justice is denied, for those not willing to wait when now is the right time.

6/23/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Annie Dillard, Jane Austin, Elijah, and a man possessed by a legion of demons.

6/16/2013 Trinity Sunday sermon by the Rev. Peter Huiner. Go in peace. Your sins have been forgiven. Angels before the throne of heaven rejoice!

6/9/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. The response to grief is as varied as grief itself. Listen, pray, listen, pray. Offer love, comfort, and compassion.

6/2/2013 sermon by the Rev. Dean William Lane. Holy scripture is a grand narrative with a deep, heart-felt understanding about that which is at the core of our experience.

5/26/2013 Trinity Sunday sermon by the Rev. Peter Huiner. The creeds we recite at Sunday services are, in part, the result of Christians wrestling with the idea that God is one in three persons. There are no experts on God’s nature, but we can be silent before the mystery, we can be still and know that God is.

5/12/2013 sermon by the Rt. Rev. Wayne Wright, Episcopal Bishop of Delaware. You didn’t choose to be born when you did. You didn’t choose where, or into what family. But you can agree to make your faith meaningful, real, and powerful.

4/28/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Love one another as Jesus loved his disciples. This means, among many things, that we are to speak out; we are to listen.

4/21/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Even though we are not always safe or in control, even though we don’t know what will happen next, as followers of Jesus we can rely on God, not to be safe or in control, but to trust, hope, and love.

4/14/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Do you love Jesus? The hard part comes after we say “Yes!”

4/7/2013 sermon by the Rev. Dean William Lane. Some people live as though the world was a troubling, troublesome place. It is those things, but we are called to come out of the shadow of fear and despondence and live in the light of God.

Easter Sunday: 3/31/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. We are challenged to adapt to a changing world while remaining faithful to our calling.

Palm Sunday: 3/24/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Three poems by Mary Oliver take us from Palm Sunday through Good Friday.

3/17/2013 by the Rev. Dean William Lane. Let us return to the essense of the gospel.

3/10/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. God’s kingdom is a place where we are welcomed home, embraced by God, met with joyous celebration. Fr. David remembers learning about and meeting his half-brother for the first time.

3/3/2013 by the Rev. Peter Huiner. Lent is a season of abundance! A sermon for those for whom meditation and reflection has no allure, and who have no desire to give up chocolate.

revMartinSmith80px2/24/2013 by the Rev. Martin Smith. We explore two metaphors for God found in today’s readings, that God is like a mother hen protecting her chicks, and is like a homeland with open borders.

2/17/2013 by the Rev. Dean William Lane. God loves one and all. Your proper concern is you, those you love, your family, your community, everyone, even your neighbor.

Carnival Sunday: 2/10/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. Moses covered up his face after talking to God. Unlike Moses, we need not be afraid to shine forth in the world, to show forth the love of God.

1/20/2013 by the Rev. Dean William Lane. “We’re all in Big Bird’s nest together,” said the boy about his friends.

1/6/2013 by the Rev. David Andrews. We, like Saint Paul, need to explore “the boundless riches of Christ” by embracing the variety of gifts given to us by God, to be a church that appeals to many and that encourages many.

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