Sister Rosie Castelli

sister rosie castelli OP, october 2016As part of her novitiate training for the Dominican Order of Preachers, Rosie gave the Season of Creation sermon on Sunday, October 23, 2016, “Our Common Humanity”. She said it is easy to lose sight of our common humanity, that even the worst of us are like the best of us, and all of us are loved by God. Call that the Great Reversal of Values, that all are loved, not just the best.

Her novitiate takes four years and she is half way, hoping to take her vows of simplicity, purity, and obedience in 2018. Meanwhile, Father David here at SsAM has asked her to help him with his pastoral ministry. The sermon she gave is part of her novitiate and the video will be reviewed by Brother Peter Charles in England and by Brother Paul Hooker in Maryland. You can review it, too! See:

VIDEO: Click here to see a video of Rosie’s sermon on YouTube.