Prayers of the People by the People

In December, 2013, we began using our own Prayers of the People instead of using the Book of Common Prayer or the Prayers from different electronic resources. Thanks to Christina Brennan Lee for writing these prayers which reflect the themes in the appointed lessons as well as the events in the world which need our prayers. This ministry is an expression of the Prayers of the People coming out of this gathered community and reflecting our hopes and yearnings to live as God’s people in this space and time.

I encourage you to reflect on the scripture and see how it feels to compose your own prayers. Composing our own prayers may be a new ministry for many of us, but this is an ancient spiritual practice. We know that the early followers of Jesus did not have the benefit of years of scholarship to write their weekly prayers. The prayers we craft and pray will be from the heart and will take into account what is happening in the world today. We will be open to what the Spirit of God is saying to us today.

— Fr. David

Click here to visit Christina Brennan Lee’s website, People’s Prayers.