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Sermons 2018 and 2017

02/18/2018 THE 1st SUNDAY IN LENT sermon by the Rev. David Andrews.


Photo of Maryann Younger02/11/2018 THE LAST SUNDAY AFTER THE EPIPHANY – Carnival Sunday, sermon by Maryann Younger, Preacher. Go back down the mountain. During your joyous, transfiguring moments, drink in the inspiration. Hold it to your heart. Then, by God’s grace, settle into the ordinary to heal and be healed, to trust and be trusted, to embrace the vulnerable and be yourself vulnerable.


02/04/2018 THE 5th SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY sermon by the Rev. David Andrews. Do the ordinary work of healing and reconciliation. Do not wait for miracles. They will happen in their own time. Remember to rest. Go to deserted places to pray, then move out of your comfort zone to connect with the world. Heal the divisions. Share a simple touch. Then rest. Get comfortable and be comforted.


01/14/2018 THE 2nd SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY sermon the the Rev. Canon Lloyd S. Casson. As we commemorate two forbidding emissaries of Christ, champions of justice, let us emulate them as well. O God, You of grace and glory, grant us wisdom, grant us courage for the living of these days. We know we must speak and act — gently, compassionately, and boldly — but let us first listen for your voice.


11/19/2017 SEASON OF CREATION sermon by the Rev. Emily Gibson. There are three keys to the abundant life: gratitude, sacrifice, and generosity. Let love guide your heart and you will have life abundantly! Ask God for what is good, what is best, not just for yourself but for those you love, your neighbors, and even your enemies. Taste, eat, drink. Know that God is good!


11/5/2017 SEASON OF CREATION sermon by guest preacher, Kim Eppehimer, Executive Director of Friendship House. We at Friendship House live out the parable of the Good Samaratan every day, offering care and hospitality to the homeless and the transient. We are the saints of God ministering to the saints of God, all of us holy ones, all of us giving and receiving. It is a blessing to give, and a blessing to receive. You have more to give than you can know, and more to receive.


10/22/2017 Season of Creation sermon by guest preacher, Dr. Mildred McClain. We are warriors. We are at war. The enemies of the earth have forgotten their roots. When we get tired, we are tempted to surrender, but be steadfast! Stand! Trust in God! God is with us through the trials of fire. Humble yourself before God that God may exult you! Resist evil! Remain steadfast in the faith! Let God use you!


08/20/2017 sermon by the Rev. Ray Michener. Lord, Lord, have mercy! We cry out to Jesus, the Son of David. We cry out even if we deserve nothing but scorn. We cry out because we are desperate for God’s generosity and abundance, for the crumbs from God’s banquet table. Instead, a seat is prepared for us, and new garments. We are treated like family.


Kaamilah Diabate by Danny Schweers04/02/2017 sermon by guest preacher Kaamilah Diabate, MLK Jr. Communication Contest winner in 2016. Insights into what it means to be young and black some 50 years after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Ms. Diabate is a high-school junior.


02/19/2017 sermons by MLK Jr. communication contest winners, guest preachers Tyrek Traylor and Nana Ohemaa Asante. The second annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Communication Contest for New Castle County, Delaware was conducted on January 15, 2017. The competition is designed to challenge high school students to develop and communicate their ideas using poetry, speech, and/or rap, reflecting on Dr. King’s legacy while sharing their proposed action for change within the Wilmington community.


rosie-castelli10/23/2016 sermon by Sister Rosie Castelli. It is easy to lose sight of our common humanity, that even the worst of us are like the best of us, and all of us are loved by God. Call that the Great Reversal of Values, that all are loved, not just the best. VIDEO: Click here to see a video of Rosie’s sermon on YouTube.


The Very Rev. Don Brown9/10/2016 homily given by the Very Rev. Don Brown at the choral evensong celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ordination of the Rev. David T. Andrews, Jr. “God calls us to be fellow workers with Him.”


bishopWayneWright2012_80px06/05/2016 sermon by the Right Rev. Wayne P. Wright, Jr. D.D. Bishop of Delaware. Just as parents hold on to their child’s hand as it learns to walk, so God holds onto our hands as we learn to walk in the paths created for us to walk in. God walks with us.


DrGregGarrett_150px02/21/2016 sermon by Dr. Greg Garrett, Preacher. God became human. If we are in Christ, nothing human can be alien to us. We need not fear or distrust, nor uncritically accept superficial detail as reality. We can be open and inquiring. We can discover and unveil. We can accept difference, even celebrate it. We can do the right thing.

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