Katy and Lu Soukup, Conversations After Church

Katy and Lu Soukup, Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew (SsAM), downtown Wilmington, Delaware, July, 2019

As people are leaving church, they are surprisingly willing to have a conversation, as though they want to bask in the afterglow of the church service a little longer. Here we see Katy Soukup (left) and her mother, Lu. Talking with them, we learned that the Soukup family is full of photographers. Lu’s husband was an avid photographer, and two of her daughters are as well, but not Katy. She’s the musician. Click here to learn more about Katy and her trumpet.

Earlier, we talked to another parishioner and learned he was facing back surgery. His personal doctor said he was fit enough, and he had an appointment in a few days with the specialist. Was he worried? You bet! The surgeons plan to go in from his front to access his spinal chord. Who would not be worried? Pray for all those who suffer with back pain and who turn to health-care professionals in hope that their lives will be better.

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—Danny Schweers, July, 2019