Don’t Have To Believe Much To Be An Episcopalian

Fr. David came across this quote by Rachel Held Evans and wants you to see it. Ms. Evans was a popular American Christian columnist and author, who died May 4, 2019 in her 38th year.

“My mother always said you don’t have to believe much to be an Episcopalian. Indeed, when it comes to a unifying doctrine, the Anglican tradition doesn’t get too specific but defers to the central affirmations of the historic Christian creeds: that there is a good and almighty God who is the creative force behind all things seen and unseen; that this God is One, yet exists as three persons; that God loved the world enough to become flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, who lived, taught, fed, healed and suffered among us as both fully God and fully man; that Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin; that Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross and buried in the ground; that after three days dead, Jesus came back to life; that Jesus ascended into heaven and reigns with God; that Jesus will return to bring justice and restoration; that God continues to work in the world through the Holy Spirit, the church, and God’s people; that forgiveness is possible; that resurrection is possible; that eternal life is possible. You know, not much.”

—Rachel Held Evans