Christmas Eve Eucharist 2018

Asking God to Bless the Bread and the Wine

Twice every Sunday (8:00 and 10:30 a.m.) and at special services like this one on Christmas Eve, we do what Jesus told us to do. On the night before he died, Jesus said to his disciples to remember him in the eating of the bread and the drinking of the wine. He also told us to love one another, even our enemies. By God’s grace, we do that, too, even if it is not as often as we would like.

All four of our priests were present: the Revs. Peter Huiner, David Andrews, and Emily Gibson, as well as the Rev. Canon Lloyd Casson. As with any service, others assist as acolytes, eucharistic ministers, and liturgical assistants. If you would like to serve at the altar, please contact us! Volunteers are needed before and after services as well as during services; that is, not all volunteers are front and center in robes. They also serve who go unnoticed.