Local Food, Local Institutions

We can support local family-farming by getting local institutions to purchase and serve locally-grown food. A blog by Steven Jones.

A Time To Be Intentional About Local Food

Environmental stewardship is a heady subject. To me it infers the nurturing of the very system that maintains our physical well-being. Odds are, because you are reading this, you probably agree that the system needs improvement. There is nothing more sacred, humbling and frustrating than being in service to creation care. What is exciting is more »

Care for Creation by Buying Locally-Grown Food

The Episcopal Church in Delaware “recognizes that improving the economic well-being and vitality of its family-farming communities within the State of Delaware could, in part, be driven by increasing the purchasing, serving, and promoting of local food grown in the Delmarva region…” which is why its delegates passed the Support Producers of Locally Grown Food more »