Calec Perez Cruz, Acolyte, Graduate

Calec Perez Cruz received a white alb and was robed as an adult acolyte at the annual meeting on Sunday, June 16, 2019. He was also recognized for having graduated from high school.

Ten years ago, all the acolytes at SsAM were men, a small group who called themselves “the old geezers”. Some had served since they were very young men, many decades! Two are in this photo — Les Roberts and Al Brock (left), now in their 80s. After Fr. David became rector of SsAM in 2010, he asked for more people to serve as acolytes. Barbara Henry (to Al Brock’s right) and Judi Gregory were the first to volunteer. Since then, many men and women have served as acolytes and, more recently, children and teenagers have been serving as well, both boys and girls.

Acolytes assist in the celebration of the liturgies of the Church. Acolytes carry the cross and or torches in processions, assist with setting the Eucharistic table, and assist the celebrant at weddings, funerals, and other liturgies. This ministry requires that the candidate be a baptized communicant in good standing. Younger acolytes usually serve as torch (candle), incense, and banner bearers. Older acolytes serve as crucifers, thurifers, and servers. No previous knowledge is required. Anyone interested in being trained as an Acolyte should call the church office at 302 656-6628 or use the form on our Contact Us page.

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