Angel Tree Ministry


Sally Bell and Alice Smith

Alice Smith, right, was in the auditorium on Sunday, November 20, with scores of Angel Tree cards and she will be back the following Sundays until all the cards are taken. Here we see Sallie Bell deciding which family to choose.

On each Angel Tree card is the name of a family (mothers with children) who are residing in Friendship House’s transitional housing. Also on the card is what they presents they would like to get for Christmas. In taking a card, the donor agrees to purchase that present, wrap it, and bring it back to church for distribution.

In this small way, many families have a happier Christmas.

Undee Sunday Results

Sunday, November 13, 2016, was Undee Sunday and it was a great success!  Enough long underwear and money were collected to supply Friendship House with 177 sets of long underwear, our second highest results ever.  We gave all of our 15 friends at Andrew’s Place each a nice set that were sized to fit their needs.  The remaining 158 sets were donated to the Friendship House Clothing Bank to be distributed to those in need.  Many thanks for your generosity.

Annual Christmas Gifts for our Sunday Breakfast Friends

In 2015, we distributed over 140 gifts to our friends who attend the 7:00 a.m. Sunday breakfast in the auditorium. Gifts of a scarf, hat, warm gloves, socks, or toiletries are very much appreciated. 99% of our breakfast friends are male, so please plan accordingly. If your gift is for a woman, please mark it boldly! Cost of gifts should be in the $5 to $7 range. In early December, please leave presents in the box marked “Breakfast Gifts” in the narthex or deliver them to the church office.

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