SsAM: a community that is always learning

“If one wants to know what Christians believe about the nature and purpose of our existence, one need only to consider the Eucharist. Life is about love – joyous, intense, generous, self-giving love – which seeks not to be served but to serve others.” Andrew M. Greeley.

How can we grow into the full stature of Christ and practice our Baptismal Covenant?  How can SsAM be more fully alive? How can we be a better expression of the Body of Christ, the People of God?

Our rector, Fr. David Andrews, wants you to take a few minutes to explore the ways SsAM can continue to be a community that is growing in the Spirit. The long name for this is “Congregational Development”.

Click here to see the Congregational Development website that Fr. David recommends.


INSTRUCTED EUCHARIST 2014BreadWine This is the first in a series of materials that explain why we do what we do on Sundays at SsAM.