from the Campaign Coordinator

Dear Friends,

We have achieved the first phase of the Capital Campaign, Sharing Our Blessings, at The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew. The dream of a new kitchen at SsAM has become a reality, thanks to all who supported this wonderful achievement. Gleaming walls and stainless steel appliances and cabinetry have replaced the tired and worn look of the old kitchen. This happened because of the generosity of all who have given and the dedication of many people. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!

The support of our Rector, The Reverend David Andrews, the Vestries that have served during the last two years and the members of the Steering Committee, who have worked to raise money to fund this project, as well as give guidance where needed, all have helped to make this possible. Kay Keenan and Susan Sherk, our consultants from Bloom-Metz, guided us every step of the way in our effort to raise funds. Lee Sparks and John Dobraniecki, our architects, designed the kitchen and collaborated with John Grant of Hypoint Equipment. Jerry Lucas and Walt Cheatham, our project managers, were on site almost daily. Joe Gallo, from Insite Construction, and all of his crew constructed this facility to be long lasting and easily cleaned. Our staff members, Dean William Lane, Dana Robertson, David Christopher, D-L Casson, Janice Teemer, Charles Lewis and Roy Lee worked through noise, dust and dirt without complaint, and were there to help with every aspect of the construction. All of these people worked tirelessly to make sure that this endeavor was accomplished in a timely manner and with as little disruption to the operation of SsAM as possible. The Cathedral Choir School of Delaware and Friendship House endured disruption to their programs with grace and dignity. We give all of these people humble and hearty thanks!

The members of the congregation, friends of SsAM, as well as area foundations all have given generously so that the dream of the new kitchen at SsAM could be realized. However, this is only the first of two parts of the goal of our Capital Campaign. Now that the dream of the kitchen has been realized, it is now time to turn our attention to the restoration of our organ, where pipes from the St. Matthew’s organ and the Cathedral organ can be joined with the pipes from St. Andrew’s, so that we will be united musically as well as spiritually. We thank you for the support you have given us to this point. We now need your continued support so that we can complete the task of the campaign; that is, to make the dream of the restored organ, also a reality. With God’s help and your generosity, we will complete our goal.

There will be further letters informing you of upcoming events and progress concerning the celebration of the kitchen and the progress of the organ. Until then, THANK YOU for what YOU have done for the Sharing Our Blessings Campaign. Your continued support is appreciated.

Blessings to you all,
Pat Saunders
Campaign Coordinator